Video Production

Our videos range from short interviews to artist promotion videos with inspiring music and experimental cuts. We leverage our expertise in web design and marketing to produce videos that speak to the heart.

    We have experience in:
  • Promotional video production
  • Corporate video production
  • Marketing video production
  • Localized video production
  • Multilingual video production
  • Web video production
  • Commercial video production

At A FORCE, all video productions and animation video productions come with multilingual options. This includes translation services, subtitles and an alternative audio provided by native speakers.

The process of video production, in general, can be divided into three parts:


During the pre-production, we check all the necessary boxes for a successful video production: sourcing talent (both Japanese and international), acquisition of various filming permits, location scouting and most importantly, planning and scriptwriting.


After having done the scribbling and the sketching, we can now move onto the actual video production. We film videos both in a studio or on location. Our crews range in size depending on the project and the skills required. For standard video productions, we normally send a three-person crew which would include a director, camera operator and assistant. We can provide specialized equipment on request including drones.


Now that all the ingredients are ready, it is time to get cooking. Editing is a crucial stage in video production. It brings all the different shots together to form a seamless story conveying your message. Our editors are involved from the planning stages, allowing for delivery of all the intended effects.
As part of the video production, we offer voice overs, sound mixing and motion graphics on request. The films are compatible with various output modes that you may wish to use with your audience.
If your video production is multilingual, we can provide interpreters, translation, subtitles and alternative audio by native speakers.

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Open Your Business in Japan Campaign.

Are you planning on opening a business in Japan?

Let our team of marketing experts assist you.

To date we have helped 12 companies set up new locations in Japan.

We can offer a full setup package from finding office space in Japan, to creating localized marketing materials and
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Who do we work with?

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Who are we?

A FORCE, based in Tokyo is a full service digital + creative marketing agency that specializes in bilingual support. We have put together industry’s top innovative players, strategic creatives, and cross-cultural marketers. We interconnect talets in video productions, WEBdesign, and localized advertisements.