We are a Tokyo-based digital + creative marketing agency that specializes in bilingual support. Our team excels in local marketing and has a commitment to meeting your needs. We have put together industry’s top innovative players, strategic creatives, and cross-cultural marketers. We interconnect talets in video productions, WEBdesign, and localized advertisements.

Offices in
Tokyo and L.A.

With offices in Japan and America we can assist you from wherever is convenient. Our main office in Shibuya, which is the creative heart of Tokyo, is a short walk from the station.

Comprehensive Brand Strategy

What does your brand say to your customers? Are you sure your translated copy is really portraying your brand in the best light? Let our team of marketing experts localize your copy in a way that will really speak to the Japanese market with full production of video and web design.

Cutting Edge Techniques

The world of digital media is constantly evolving. From the latest in SEO, to current design trends, our team are always up to date with current technology and techniques. Let us help you bring your brand into the future.

How can we help you?

Are you looking for video production or web design company in Tokyo? We are ready to help you.
  • Video Production

    From corporate videos to television commercials we have experience with them all. We offer a full package video service including location scouting, casting, concept creation, filming and editing. We do everything in house so you know from start to finish that you're getting the best possible service.

  • Website Design

    Get your message across to the billions of internet users accross the globe. Our web design team is always up to date with the latest trends ensuring your website will wow your visitors. All designs are tailor made with local industry styles taken into account.

  • Site Development

    A poorly coded website is more likely to hurt your company image than enhance it. At Aforce we pride ourselves on making sleek, responsive websites with compatibility for all modern browsers and operating systems. We build websites that are designed to last.

  • System Dev

    In the modern world databases are everywhere. It is essential that you have the right software tools for accessing your database. We have extensive experience in creating database management systems for clients in numerous industries including real estate, education and sports.

  • SEO

    The average google search returns over ten million results, how do you make sure you are number one on that list? SEO is a series of ongoing strategies once your website has been released to make sure your link is the one that gets clicked when someone searches for a relevant term. We use up to date industry best practices to get you to the top.

  • Mobile Design

    Smartphones are everywhere. If your website is not optimized for every possible device you've lost before you even begin. Every website coded by us is guaranteed to work on the latest android and iOS phones. Our websites resize dynamically to ensure an optimal user experience on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

  • CMS (Wordpress)

    Ranging from ecommerce to review websites, Wordpress puts you in control of your content. At Aforce we offer customized Wordpress template development, Wordpress website creation, ecommerce solutions and site deployment/migration assistance. If your website usage model requires frequent updates Wordpress may be the answer.

  • Online Marketing

    Social media is the driving force behind most modern marketing campaigns. We offer a comprehensive suite of SNS solutions including managed Facebook and Twitter accounts and Facebook marketing campaigns. We can offer multilingual copywriting by native speakers which guarantees your message will not be lost in translation.

  • PPC

    In a competitive industry spending money to make money is a given. Price Per Click advertising is a great option to promote your business both inside and outside of Japan. We have years of experience managing millions of dollars in client funds accross multiple industries. At present we offer PPC solutions for both Google Adwords and Yahoo Search.

  • Translation

    At Aforce we offer direct translation services in numerous languages including English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Our translation team have experience in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to legal. We are able to handle any volume and fast track translation is available on request.

  • Localization

    Very often translating only is insufficient, particularly in areas such as marketing. We are able to offer localization services to make your message heard accross cultural borders. Our localization services extend beyond written text to design, allowing us to offer, for example, website designs specifically for the Japanese market.

  • Logo Design

    From your website to your product the one constant is your logo. At Aforce we have extensive experience in designing eye catching, unique logos for clients in many different business areas. As a business owner you have a clear image of what the public face of your company should look like. Let us help you design a logo that represents that vision.

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Open Your Business in Japan Campaign.

Are you planning on opening a business in Japan?

Let our team of marketing experts assist you.

To date we have helped 12 companies set up new locations in Japan.

We can offer a full setup package from finding office space in Japan, to creating localized marketing materials and
a Japanese website to give your brand a jump on the Japanese market.

Who do we work with?

Check out the clients we helped with our promotional video, web design, and marketing skill.

Who are we?

A FORCE, based in Tokyo is a full service digital + creative marketing agency that specializes in bilingual support. We have put together industry’s top innovative players, strategic creatives, and cross-cultural marketers. We interconnect talets in video productions, WEBdesign, and localized advertisements.