Digital Marketing

Looking to enhancing your presence or localizing your digital contents for your target audience? At A FORCE, we provide a digital marketing package that ensures you win the hearts of your users on different media of your choosing.

    We have experience in:
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • SEO optimized content marketing

And creative output (video production, web design, graphic design) based on these marketing contents.

Social Media

We are at a point in history where our proxies online might be more social than our analog, physical selves. This means your online social skills are crucial if you wish to be liked by your online community, whether it be on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube (to name but a few).
Users are looking for all kinds of different characteristics: witty, educational, stylish, fun or even radical. Whatever these characteristics are, they must be consistent, so that you do not transform your brand identity every time you update your status.
This can be achieved with good communication design, analysis of the audience behavior and occasional campaigns that grab the hearts of your users.

Content marketing

An attractive web design on its own is not enough to appeal to your users. Producing relevant and interesting content worthy of your audience’s attention will help engage your audience in any market.
With our experts in storytelling, copywriting and web design, we can help you create and optimize contents to best attract the right audience. Inspire your audience by sharing various types of synced content including videos, blogs and posts—all in one stop.


Search Engine Optimization is the key to keep your online shop busy. Even with excellent products, flawless display and customer service, if the shop was in a dark alley miles away from the center, all that will go to waste. Your online shop needs customer traffic to flourish. We analyze your website content and products to create a list of the most relevant and effective terms, allowing for optimization of your content so that your potential users arrive at your website.
In combination with the comprehensive marketing package, we ensure that these terms authentically and correctly reflect your brand identity and enhance it further.

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Open Your Business in Japan Campaign.

Are you planning on opening a business in Japan?

Let our team of marketing experts assist you.

To date we have helped 12 companies set up new locations in Japan.

We can offer a full setup package from finding office space in Japan, to creating localized marketing materials and
a Japanese website to give your brand a jump on the Japanese market.

Who do we work with?

Check out the clients we helped with our promotional video, web design, and marketing skill.

Who are we?

A FORCE, based in Tokyo is a full service digital + creative marketing agency that specializes in bilingual support. We have put together industry’s top innovative players, strategic creatives, and cross-cultural marketers. We interconnect talets in video productions, WEBdesign, and localized advertisements.